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Full text of "Many Random Records Concerning The Los Angeles Unified Homeless Response Center 2018-2019"

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City of Los Angeles Mail - Notes from UHRC Policy Group Me... 

https://mail .google ,com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=2240fa6b06&jsver... 

Brian Buchner <> 

Notes from UHRC Policy Group Meeting, 7/26 

Brian Buchner <> Sun, Jul 29, 2018 at 10:20 PM 

To: Lisa Payne <>, Timothy Mcwilliams <>, Kate Welsh 
<>, Deborah Weintraub <>, Gita O'neill 
<>, Nathaniel VerGow <>, Christina Miller <>, 
Rosa Zapata <>, Anna Bahr <>, Luis Orozco 
<>, "Vasquez, Judith" <>, Karla Barrow 
<>, Shonte Johnson <>, Jeannette Pelayo <>, 
Izzy Mitchell <>, Nicole Serrano <>, Khalil Gharios 
<>, David Perez <>, Catherine Landers 
<>, Nicholas Maricich <>, Katie Weiss 
<>, Neeraj Bhatnagar <>, Paul Weinberg 
<>, Sari Ladin <>, "Chapa, Antonio" <>, 
Daniel Mitchell <>, Nancy Leu <>, Allan Kawaguchi 
<>, Kelly Jones <>, Rachel Brashier 
<>, Julie Ciardullo <>, Ahee Han <>, 

Thalia Polychronis <>, Celina Robles <>, Peter Lynn 
<>, Colleen Murphy <>, Breelyn Pete <>, Tricia 
Keane <>, "Loew, Jennifer" <>, Sabrina Bornstein 
<>, Steven Pedersen <>, Apryle Brodie 
<>, Matt Szabo <>, Claudia Luna <>, Ashley 
Stracke <>, Zita Davis <>, Gina Lombardo 

<>, Ben Winter <>, Yolanda Chavez <>, 
Dickran Jebejian <>, Elyse Azevedo <>, Emmett McOsker 
<>, Meg Barclay <>, Edward Young 

<>, Sarah Mahin <>, Daniel Tamm <>, Gary 
Walendzik <>, Adel Hagekhalil <>, Douglas Zabilski 
<>, Jane Chung <>, Solomon Rivera 
<>, Celeste Rodriguez <>, Anne Clark 
<>, Dominic Choi <>, Sarah Dusseault <>, Dan 
Caroselli <>, Shannon Ryan <>, Marissa Aho 
<>, Ann Zald <>, Edna Degollado <>, 
Gabriel Gutierrez <>, Theadora Trindle <>, Carol 
Armstrong <>, Gonzalo Barriga <>, Kirkpatrick Tyler 
<>, Elizabeth Boyce <>, Artie Mandel 
<>, Daniel Halden <>, Christopher Anyakwo 
<>, Victor Hinderliter <>, Martin Schlageter 
<>, Mazharul Islam <>, Paola Bassignana 
<>, James Hayden <>, Jose Rodriguez 
<>, Ricky Rosales <>, Miguel Sangalang 
<>, Lily Sofiani <>, "Jose P. Garcia" <>, 
Brian Wall <>, Hannah Levien <>, "Burrell-Garcia, Joyce" 

Thanks for participating in Thursday's UHRC Policy Group meeting. We discussed the UHRC's ongoing 

operations, the draft encampment protocols, and developing criteria to triage and prioritize requests for 

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8/2/18,8:37 AM 

City of Los Angeles Mail - Notes from UHRC Policy Group Me... 

https://mail .google ,com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=2240fa6b06&jsver... 


Updated UHRC Contact Information: 

Email: I 


Please note this is an internal phone line and email account only. UHRC contact information is not for public 


UHRC Operations: 

• The UHRC continued its operations, from 7am to 5pm, Monday - Thursday. 

• LASAN will provide specific CSLA locations to the UHRC one week in advance of the scheduled 
cleanup date. HOPE Team locations will be provided that day. 

• The UHRC sent its first "Daily Activities Email" with information on the day's CSLA and HOPE locations 
and activities. Please let us know if there is information you'd like to have included in these emails, or if 
there are additional staff to whom you'd like the emails sent. 

• The UHRC is developing criteria to triage and prioritize requests for assistance. A draft will be 
circulated to the Policy Group at a future meeting. The group discussed consideration of the following 

o A Bridge Home Shelters / Special Enforcement & Cleaning Zones 
o Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones (VHFHSZ) 
o Vulnerable Populations - LAHSA Voucher Definition 
o Sensitive Locations (e.g., schools, etc.) 

o Access to Private Property (e.g., driveways and businesses) - Industrial Skid Row 
o Proximity to Disability Centers and Clinics 


• HSAC provided a demonstration of SALUS for the Policy Group. 

• HSAC is still working to have the app rolled out City-wide within the next month or two. 

• HSAC is working on obtaining licenses and credentials for City staff to use SALUS and the GeoHub. 


• On Monday, July 30th, The People Concern will provide trauma-informed care training to the UHRC 

• On August 6th, the City Attorney's Office and LASAN will provide L.A.M.C. 56.11 Training to the UHRC 

• The Mayor's Office is working with LAHSA to provide outreach practices and protocols training to the 
UHRC staff at a future date in August. 

Encampment Protocols: 

• The Policy Group discussed the draft encampment protocols. The City Attorney's Office will be 
providing comments and suggested edits to ensure the protocols are consistent with existing City 
codes and regulations. Additionally, the County will be providing feedback after discussing the draft 
protocols at its next E6 Coordination Meeting on Tuesday, July 31st. 

Additional Items: 

• CD14 requested the Special Enforcement & Cleaning Zone signs also be made in Spanish. The 
Mayor's Office had the sign translated and sent the updated information to LASAN. Both the English 


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8/2/18,8:37 AM 

City of Los Angeles Mail - Notes from UHRC Policy Group Me... 

https://mail .google ,com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=2240fa6b06&jsver... 

and Spanish signs will be finished this week. 

The next UHRC Policy Group meeting will be Thursday, 8/2, at 1pm in CENTCOM, 22nd Floor - City 

Notes from the 7/19 UHRC Policy Group meeting are attached for your reference. 

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I have missed (or misstated) anything from the meeting. 
Thanks so much! 


Brian Buchner 

Chief, CENTCOM Operations 

Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti 

o. (213) 978-3107 c. (310) 909-3433 

Notes from 7-19-18 UHRC Policy Group Meeting.pdf 


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8/2/18,8:37 AM 

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